The LitChatte Blog is Now Organic, Fresh, and Free-Range!


We pledge to you that

The LitChatte Blog

Has been Certified as Organic

No viruses to make you Gog

We’ve now got the seal

We’re guaranteed not to offer you a steal

No trending topics will be planted or marketed

No phony stuff to fluff

We’ll only post what’s real.


The LitChatte Forum has now been guaranteed as Fresh

We promise that no waste,

Or news of toxic debates

Will propagate or fill this space.

The LitChatte Blog has now been certified as a Free-Ranger

All the fences of our farm have been knocked down!

Fruits can run outside with no fear or danger

Some are already having wild nights on the town.

We promise that the posts we pick

Or promote to run on the LitChatte Blog

Will be chosen with care

We’ll never auction off a hog.

Have we made it yet clear,

That no personal information will be gathered here?

Sorry, there won’t even be a Budweiser frog.

Mixed_fruit - Copy


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