Do You Know Your Roaring 20’s Slang? – Part III

How many of these Roaring Twenties slang words and expressions do you know?  Leave a Reply in the Box Below this Blog. I will offer the translations next Wednesday after my Osher Institute Class at the University of Richmond.  If you know them all, you are the Cat’s Pajamas or the Bee’s Knees! (from “The Slang Dictionary,” “The Atlantic,” 10/19/2012).

“On small tables, zozzled flappers and jelly beans once illegally imbibed foot juice and jag juice at speakeasies.”


Out on Parole



Bee’s Knees

bee's knees


Cat’s Pajamas

None of your beeswax



Everything is Jake







Tell it to Sweeney


Wet Blanket

You slay me, Murray

Dr. Murray Ellison received a Master’s in Education from Temple University (1973), a Master’s Degree of Arts in English Literature from Virginia Commonwealth University (2015), and a Doctorate in Education at Virginia Tech (1988). He is married and has three adult daughters. He retired as the Virginia Director of Community Corrections for the Department of Correctional Education in 2009. He is the founder and chief editor of this literary blog and is an editor for the International Correctional Education Journal. He is Co-Editor of the 2017 Poetry Book, Mystic Verses by Shambhushivananda. He also serves as a board member, volunteer tour guide, and the Facilities Planning Committee Coordinator at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA, and writes a monthly column for the Museum website, He has taught literature classes on Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, and F.Scott Fitzgerald (thus far) at the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond. He is the organizer and Coördinator of The First Fridays Classic Book Club, and is the co-organizer, along with Rebecca Elizabeth Jones, of the VCU Working Titles Book Club. Contact Murray at, or leave a Comment at the bottom of any post.





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